Saturday, November 2, 2013

Fall Memories Made

All seasons are beautiful but I think I will say that Fall is my favorite time of year. The leaves on the trees are the most beautiful of colors you just can't find anywhere else. The crisp air that has a bit of a bite to it -love that! And just enough of a bite to make the end of your nose turn red. It's the season for scarf wearing, apple cider, jumping in leaf piles, and making lasting memories with friends and family as you prepare for Thanksgiving and or Advent. It is the brunt of the holiday seasons the start of lasting memories I know for our family that I couldn't help but share and enjoy.

Today my daughter Elliana held up her shoes and looked at me with a downcast expression; as if I would say, "no not right now" because it was a crisp fall day outside, she asks, "Mommy, balk?".  To a 19 -almost 20 month old that means, "walk". After I got passed interpreting her sweet little words. I couldn't help but say yes to her cute little downcast face. I said, "Yes! We can go for a walk outside, come here so Mommy can put your shoes on." Her downcast face turns into a big smile as she runs to me and plops right down on my lap to put her shoes on.

Being 9 months pregnant and unable to do a whole lot of lifting, my husband Jonathan who is at the time wood working, out in his shop takes a breather and takes Elliana on over to her stroller and buckles her in. I say, "Thank you"and turn my focus to Elliana and bend down and say, "are you ready to go?" She of course, nods excitedly and smiles and we make our way outside to take a walk in the beautiful crisp fall morning. I opened the door to the shop and ventured out looking down to make sure Elliana was comfortable and all bundled. It was such a beautiful morning.

As we left the house and started strolling down the street we saw all of God's beautiful creation. The combination of that crisp cold fall air, with the sight and sounds of all the bright colored leaves on the trees and underfoot made for a breathtaking walk. It was so delightful to be with both of my girls and spend that quality time with the two of them. Just us girls. We walked and walked and walked through the town and eventually came to a park. When Elliana saw the park she asked if we could go. So, we did and it was cold but fun!

She swung on the swings, and walked and climbed up on one of those little helicopter rides with a little spring attached to the bottom hooking into the ground. Of course, we had to skip on one of her favorites -the slides. It was fairly early in the day yet so the morning frost had not yet finished melting and drying up. But that was no disappointment to her, she was just happy to be at the park with Mom. It's the cutest thing, she calls all of the equipment at the park the "toys". You gotta' love the mind of a child! How creative they are!  it is a gift to watch her grow and learn new things each day and to take the time to really get to see how she perceives life from those little eyes is truly a remarkable view.

Elliana looking up in awe at the Angel she put on top of the Christmas tree as we prepare for Advent. My Husband holding her up is equally in awe as you can tell by the look on his face. Just taking it all in and enjoying with me, this precious memory.
Doing so, has changed my perspective on everything for the better. In this busy world it is all too easy to be consumed by our schedules and forget to make time for our kids. I feel so blessed to be able to have the privilege of staying at home and looking after my husband and children. As the leaves change colors outside and the weather begins to shift -it reminds me of the changes going on in my life in this season of it. A great and glorious shift is about to unfold this month of November. The birth of our new baby girl. I cannot express to you the joy I feel when I think about a new life with 2 little girls. I am going to hold on as tightly as I can to each and every precious moment with them because I know that one day, these children will slip from my arms and start there own family one day.

Children grow up way too quickly. So, I have decided recently to start perceiving life through my children's eyes. They have a way of helping Mommy and Daddy keep our priorities straight. They have forced us to become  much more structured with our days and have taught us to strive to make every minute count. Fall memories were made today. During our breathtaking stroll through the fall day this morning, during our time at the park enjoying the, "toys" it had to offer, during the time we came back home and warmed up while Elliana and I shared a special memory together while I showed Elliana how to bake pumpkin spice cookies -she got to sample some batter! Even during her nap time when I layed her curly blonde head down on the pillow and tucked her in gently as I sang her favorite song she calls, "The Bible" over her as her little blue eyes grew weary, I sang in the softest voice I could muster..."Jesus loves me, this I know, for the Bible tells us so, yes, Jesus loves me, the Bible tells us so."

I walked out of her room and closed the door behind me touched by the moment. There is nothing quite like knowing your child feels comfortable, loved, and safe as they drift off to dream land. I find great fulfillment in caring for my children and being attentive to my husband's needs and the needs of the house. Everyday I look forward to waking up to a new adventure with my family. It is a joy to be here. In this home, with this family. God has given me so much by giving me these beautiful lives to care for and enjoy. The least I can do is give my children's lives and my life, back over to Him. My prayer is that one day my children too, will come to know Jesus so they too, can not only raise -but invest in there children's lives with the love that only God can give them to serve and care for, to lift up and enjoy life with their families every day.

What are some fun memories you have made this year with your children and family at home? Or that you have made in the past that you could never forget? Have fun this season of your life, wherever it might be. Good or bad. And never take one single breath you or your loved ones breath for granted. No one is guaranteed another day. Make memories that last because every minute matters.


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