Sunday, October 20, 2013


We all have them. We all like to worship them and put them in the place of God. If not now, at least once in our life we have had one or more idols we've bowed down to. If you can say for yourself that you don't have one that's hats off to you! I give you my applause. Chances are though, that your like me and your struggling somewhat. My idol currently is me. I spend way too much time focusing on myself, my wants, my needs, my desires, my goals, my interests...that I am neglecting the people I love around me and this is not okay.

My husband preached a sermon this morning that really hit home for me. In his sermon he said, "We are passionate about what we share about." Now how often do I brag about my daughter on Facebook? How often do I post pictures of my preggo belly or my new hair do? Now there is nothing wrong with doing that, but when your like me and your sharing those things more than your sharing Christ on Facebook that is not ok.

It is so hard for me to put my flesh to death sometimes and just walk in the Spirit of God. It's hard because I am human, and humans are imperfect. We are full of ill intent, and can easily be decieved...that is IF we are not careful to walk in the Spirit of God and be led by Him everyday. It is so easy to say, "Okay God, I love you but I just feel burn out, I just don't feel like reading your Word, or going to wednesday night Bible study, or fellowship with my neighbor down the street. It's so easy to think about myself and my needs and neglect the needs of others.

Selfishness is like a match stick -light that thing on fire and throw it to the woods and you just watch how quickly that fire will spread. It will spread out far and wide destroying everything it swallows in it's fiery path, leaving nothing but ashes, soot and rubble. If I take a minute to think about those torn up woods that have been destroyed by fire...and liken that to my family or say, my relationship with changes my perspective.

I do not want my family to be destroyed because of my lack of selflessness. Time is far too short and my family and my relationship with God is far too precious to me to want to slack off everyday, yet don't we? Don't we find ourselves slacking off in one area or another? Be encouraged! And be will happen. We won't be the perfect parents to our children, and we surely will never achieve perfection in our Spiritual life until that glorious day until we go to be with the Lord.

My goal is to put selfishness to death...and embrace what it feels like to truly be selfless and constantly work towards putting other peoples needs, my family's needs, and my relationship with the Lord above myself and my needs so that I may have J.O.Y. Jesus first, Others second, Myself last is the order I should have my priorities -not the other way around. Will you strive with me to lay your selfishness aside and embrace living a life of selflessness? Truly working diligently to embrace this challenge of putting God above all else? Seeking Him, loving and cherishing your time with Him, serving your family and friends and other people around you with tender care and careful attention? Lastly, taking the time then for yourself as well, doing what you need to do for you.

A selfish life results in an unhappy person. A person with an empty heart and a bitter soul. Is that really what you want?

Cast down your idols, seek repentence and make the decision to not only think outside of the box but think outside of yourself.

Who could you be reaching right now with the love of Christ? A family member? A friend? Or what about a perfect stranger?

God was generous when He gave us two hands. One to give with and the other to take with. Let the hand that gives do most of the work.

Die to self. Repent. Ask God for forgiveness and seek to live a life that isn't self-centered.

Don't be consumed by you. Be consumed with the God who created you, to be consumed by Him.



  1. HI Tina, Thank you for your blog, I have been recently trying to step away from the idols in my life. I also had to stop watching TLC show 19 kac because even though the family is inspiring, they were becoming too much of my focus. Thank you for reminding me to have J.O.Y. back into my heart and always putting God above everything else. It is so hard to do what we need to be doing as Christians and as followers of Christ. Your daughter is so beautiful and I pray that the Lord bring precious Abigail into your arms safely and healthily! God Bless You and Your Precious Family.

  2. Jennifer, Thank you for stopping by! I am glad you are finding my blog helpful to you. I so agree, it is very hard to do what we need to be doing as Christians and as followers of Christ -thankfully though, we don't have to walk the straight and narrow alone! God is with us every step of the way as we are daily seeking to follow Him and surrender over to Him our lives and desires. May God bless you and yours!!!


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