Friday, October 11, 2013

Labor Day

No I am not talking about the public holiday held in honor of the working people in the US. I am talking about the process by which childbirth occurs, beginning with contractions of the uterus and ending with the expulsion of the fetus or infant and the placenta, better known as -popping out a kid. I'm in the home stretch guys and I can say...I can DEFINITELY feel it! 

The contractions are picking up and are getting much more painful, I feel like a walking oven all day, I can't walk but I can waddle, gums are swelling up and bleeding, constipation (I'll spare you), can't sleep, can't breath, can't even eat very much anymore because Abigail is taking up all the space in my belly. That's right folks -it's almost time for the big day!

I have been feeling so miserable I feel like she could come about (at the earliest 3 weeks) -which is a crazy realization. We are roughly looking at about 3-6 weeks until her arrival. So things like, packing the hospital bag, putting down a water proof covering on our bed, and scrubbing and cleaning every inch of this house and washing, folding, spot treating ironing and hanging up baby clothes has been on my mind. Am I nesting? No. I would call it something more like a total modernization, restoration, redecoration, refurbishment, revamping makeover of our entire house. :)
What I really should be focusing more on is SLEEP. I am not going to get very much of that and very soon. Now that I'm 34 weeks I'm at that stage of my pregnancy where all you feel like most of the time is to put it plainly -the walking dead. And it's not all physical either... my emotions go up and they go down and they go all around. Especially at night -my mind floods with thousands upon thousands of things to think about like, "What color should the crib sheets be? Lavender? Or pink with white polka dots? Have we gotten all of the peices to her bassinet to put together? What items do I still need to put in my hospital bag -oh wait, I haven't made a hospital bag shoot! We are running out of time!" And so on and so fourth -you can imagine the insanity.

Today hubby and I did get some MUCH needed baby things, and items for Mama that I have been lacking so that does make me feel at least a wee little more prepared for all of this. This is a new adventure our litle family is about to embark on and everyday the journey becomes just a little bit more real with each passing day.

Whatever the outcome may be -ready or not baby's coming! I guess we're as ready as we'll ever be! -Tina

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