Monday, July 8, 2013

My Man

My Husband Jonathan and I are entering our 5th year of marriage. A few weeks ago we celebrated our wedding anniversary while up at church camp in Mt. Vernon. It was a beautiful time hectic -because it was at church camp and very busy but wonderful because I got to be with him! :) This season of our marriage has  been nothing but bliss. And it can only get better from here! I know that it isn't Father's Day but I don't care. I think it's important that we as wives take time to build up our husbands whenever we get the oppotunity so I would like to make this blog post all about Jonathan and how much I adore him! :)
My Husband as a youngster playing with Legos :)

My top 20 things I appreciate about my wonderful husband:

#20 His servant heart. I really appreciate how he is so willing to go above and beyoned to help others in need. He is so giving and hard working and shows how much he loves our family by expressing his love in those ways. And it is a real benefit to our family.

#19 His enthusiasim. If you know my husband at all, you know that you can't hold him down when he is full blown enthusiastic about something! And that's a good thing too! Sometimes it can be overwhelming but more encouraging than anything! His zest and passion for life keeps me on my toes and it's so exciting to see him so excuberant and full of life! And it satisfies me to see his passions, dreams and goals being fulfilled. Especially in ministry and where God has Him to serve. 

#18 His laugh. In all honesty, it's very unique sounding. There is not a laugh like it on this planet! Which is probably why I love it so much! ! It's filled with snorts and pauses at attempts to gasp for air, throw in high pitched squeals every now and again and you got one silly laugh! A laugh that I LOVE! And a laugh that you could hear out of a large crowd miles away! It makes me smile and laugh too! But that's dangerous because once you get me laughing I won't stop! So as you can maybe imagine, there is a LOT of giggling that goes on in this family! Jonathan's enthusiasim isn't the only thing that's contagious!

#17 His inginuity. One time when my daughter Elliana was younger she was rolling around playing in her play pen at the time and looked bored so Daddy had a great idea. He strung some dangly toys on this random cable cord or some kind of thick cord that he found laying around and used that to hold up her toys and tied either side to the edges so her toys could be held up! I thought that was just so impressive and creative! Elliana really appreciated Daddy's inginuity too. :) 

#16 His cooking. Oh my! This family would not be eating as good if it wasn't for Daddy's good cooking! I have a problem with handling raw meats and cooking meat and things like that. I don't care to. Jonathan on the other hand LOVES to and I really, really appreciate that! Our family favorite is his knock your socks off Barb-B-Q ribs! YUM! Jonathan loves to grill out, he is a big griller! Even in the winter you can find him behined the grill cooking up some nice yummy treats!! His decadent salmon dish, and his mouth watering cheeseburgers would make Mcd's jealous! 

#15 His interest in wood working. My husband Jonathan is very skilled when it comes to carpentry and really any type of job where there is tools and wood. Give him the right tools and some great wood and he would go to town! He is extremely skilled and so much to the point that one of his, "projects" will actually be working on a playhouse (almost like a mini-cabin) for our daughters! He also has a lot of other projects in mind like, building tables, and chairs, and all kinds of different things! Once he even carved a beautiful looking cross out of an old tree stump! I really appreciate his love for wood working because it certainly can be a money saver for our family. The creativity that flows when you give him the right tools and wood to work with -it blows my mind what he can create! And it's beautiful! When we were courting he made me special jewelery boxes that I will cherish forever! It's been 6 or 7 years since he made them for me and I still have them!!! And use them. :) 

#14 His love for our children. He loves our kids so much and it is just a really attractive quality he has. I know there are a lot of men out there who really could care less about there children, so I am so very grateful that Jonathan not only loves our family but loves the raising aspect as well! As that one saying goes, "Any man can have children but it takes a Father to raise them." Jonathan is that Father, and our children and I are more blessed than we know to have him as our knight in shining armor -always ready and fully willing to protect, and provide, and love on us. He is everything a man and a Father should be and I couldn't have asked for a better man to raise our children.

# 13 His taste in food. Ok, so this is a wierd one. Let me explain, I DO like HIS taste in food, I just DON'T share the same taste in food one bit! In other words, I wouldn't eat it! I just find it attractive that Jonathan has different taste than I do. Don't ask me why, I just do! He ismore a plain Jane, meat and potato kind of man...where as I am more of a stuffed rellano pepper, rice, beans, chips and salsa kind of gal.

#12 His feet! My father in-law calls them, "Oger feet" I call them, "Hot". Enough said! :)

#11 His smile. His smile is one of the very first things I fell in love with. It lights up the entire room! It warms my heart instantly! And makes me crack a smile too! When I am having a bad day or am feeling down... his smile is sure to turn things around! :) It's very handsome and I just LOVE it!

#10 His voice. It's just so cute :)

#9 The way he walks. It's unique! And that is why I like it! :)

#8 His hands. I love holding them! :) They feel strong and feel like he works hard...which he does! :)

#7 His middle name! It means, "Gift of manliness". Yuuuup!

#6: His hair color. It's so cool because it changes! It goes from brown in winter to blonde in the summer!

#5 His intrest in coming with me to prenatal appointments. This might not seem to matter to some but it's high on the list for me because... I couldn't do it without his moral support and encouragment. I also appreciate how he engages himself as well in answering and asking questions and just wants to be a part of the whole experience the way he does. Not many men would be willing to come along to EVERY single visit. I really appreciate this.

#4 His faithfulness to me as a wife. I have NO doubts that he loves me deeply. It is very comforting to know that he loves me and favors me and my looks above any other woman. He is always keeping accountable with me and always reassuring me that he's only got eyes for me! I love feeling like His princess! :)

#3 His prayer life. He is a man of constant prayer. No matter where he is, or what he is doing, you will most likely catch him with a "deep in thought" look on his face... this means he most likely is praying. I really appreciate thos because he takes it seriously and, "prays without ceasing" like the Bible intructs and not many people are willing to do this or take it as serious as they should.

#2 His unwavering passion for God's word. He always has his nose in the Bible. I love it! Being a person myself who doesn't like to read much... Jonathan is a constant reminder of how, the Bible is not just any other book but that it is living and breathing and is very much alive and relevant to us today. He not only reads, but he studies and he not only studies, but he applies and he does not only apply but he lives out and he teaches, and he preaches the word of God. To me, this is his most attractive quality. And his most admirable.

#1 His passion to live his life sold out for God. I hear him say it often, "We either need to go hard ot go home, we either need to love God with all we are or reject him and walk away altogether." I appreciate this passion because it gives me hope, it inspires and it also challenges and reminds me daily to live my life sold out for God and share his love with others. I am grateful that my husband has a close walk with the Lord, because of this he leads our familly well, because he is constantly relying on the Lord for guidence, strength, wisdom and direction.

There you have it!

Who do you admire? And what do you appreciate about them?

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