Saturday, August 9, 2014

Oddest August

This is the month.

The long awaited dreaded month of August. 

Forgive me for not sounded positive but if I am going to be really honest with all of you, it's because there has been quite a lot going on this month already and the surgery hasn't even started yet. 

Pray for me that I can continue to be strong through this season of life. It's been a whirlwind. A big scary unexpected world-wind of craziness.

My last post was talking about how life can be unpredictable --ha! Yeah no kidding! I have been having my taste of that this month for sure. 

Ok. I'm babbling.. let's get to the meat.

When life gets difficult sometimes all that you feel like you want to do is curl up in a ball under the covers in your bed and sleep so you can, "hide" from all of your problems. 

This will: 

A. Not help. 
B. Make you more miserable. 
C. Cause more problems. 
D. Not fix the situation. 

Having a rough time with something recently yourself? Get out from under those covers in your bed and stop hiding from your difficulties. That's a good start. 

Happiness is a choice. JOY is an action. 

Begin by choosing to be happy and carry that out by doing something productive so that you can have JOY. Real joy. Not just that temporary, "Ooh I feel so pumped after that shopping spree." kind of, "joy". Just like eating too many sweets, if you go about facing difficulty in this way--your setting yourself up for a hard, uncomfortable, turbulent, gruesome crash into reality. It ain't pretty when you realize your experiencing a full blown sugar coma. 

I don't like having to face difficulty just as much as the next blogger but there comes a point and time when you just have to face reality and deal with it. All of it. 

August will be that main difficulty for me with my baby girl having skull surgery and all. 

What's your difficulty? TALK to me!! I would love to hear what your facing. 

Don't let me steal your thunder! And if you have an encouraging word or two to pass along to me... I would appreciate that too! 


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