Thursday, June 12, 2014

Jesus Loves Us!

Warning: This is long. Grab yourself a snack and have a seat. We got back from the hospital a few hours ago. The CT scan results came back normal. It's a miracle! But there is even a bigger miracle that I want to praise God for that as come out of this today. When we got to the hospital they put us in a joint emergency room with nothing but a curtain to separate our little family and the patients being transported in and out. As I sat there on the hospital bed with Abigail awaiting the results I feel like I was very concerned and just very anxious as to find out what was going on with her. When my anxiety started to increase it increased even more when a new patient came rolling in on the other side of the curtain. It was a woman balling her eyes out trying to muster up strength enough to tell the nurses why she was in the brutal condition she was. She told them that she just wanted to be with her son and her husband so she jumped off a very large and very tall building. They deemed her suicidal. As I sit there waiting with Jonathan just having to sit there and hear her story broke my heart to pieces. I was still concerned for my daughter but at that moment my prayers were going up for the both of them. She was telling the nurses and police officer there that the voices told her to jump. She begged and pleaded with all of them, "Am I crazy?! I just wanted to be with them, I tried so hard but it didn't work. Am I gonna' be okay?! I don't want to be isolated again and hear those voices I can't handle it. I can't do it . I can't take it. I can't be alone anymore!" The nurses and police officers were trying to be as comforting as they could be. But it didn't always seem like it was enough. That's when Jonathan and I brought up the idea of going in and helping counsel her Spiritually. We were both just sitting there on that hospital bed on the edge of tears just listening to this poor lost woman. My heart was so slaughtered. I told Jon, "You HAVE to DO something! I can't take this! I just want that woman to have a hug!!! She NEEDS Jesus! Please, go help her!" He agreed and went to go get his badge. (He is a volunteer hospital Chaplin). He did so.. came back in and waited patiently for the medical team to finish running tests. When they were done, he peaked around the curtain and told everyone who he was and asked them if they thought it would be helpful for the patient if he could counsel her some. They said, "Yeah sure if you think that will help." He stepped in, introduced who he was and things and really only had enough time to say, "With God there is hope." Then they asked him to step out because they had to run more tests. So he came back in the room with Abigail and I. And we felt even more broken up. We continued to pray for her and our little one and just began to sing. We sang Jesus loves me over and over again to little Abigail. As I was singing I felt the Lord speak to me and say, "Now, you sing over the woman." My songs I was singing to Abigail quickly became songs I began to sing to that woman. The testing began to slow down and all of the nurses finally left and it was just her and that one police officer. I sang Jesus loves me some more over her. I got a little louder and just continued to sing and pray that over her. I couldn't see her because I was not allowed to see the trauma on the other side of that curtain. So, with a broken spirit for both my daughter and this poor woman, I sang all the worship songs I could think of and I sang them with a big old lump in my throat. It was a mixture of, "Wow God, what are you up to?" And "Wow God, I cannot believe this is all happening right now." And "Wow God, thank you for this moment." I was happy and sad. Excited and concerned. So many emotions for these two precious souls. This is more than long enough so I won't go into every single detail... but, to make a long beautifully miraculous story short... I continued to sing. Jonathan was standing out in the hall praying. I heard the police officer tell the woman to try and calm down and she asked her if she ever prayed. She encouraged her to just try and get some sleep and to just rest and pray. (You don't hear police officers say that everyday!) It felt good to have another believer near. I still continued to pray and to worship and sing over her and Abigail during the time they were needing to rest. I thought to myself what songs I should sing I felt the Holy Spirit wanted me to sing a Lullaby type of a song over her and my Abigail. Every night we sing Jesus loves me to Elliana before she goes to bed so I chose to sing that one again. The room was silent. I started singing and she began to cry. The more I sang the more I could sense she was at peace. As I was singing Jesus loves me and other awesome worship songs I love about Jesus, and the cross and the blood of Christ and his mercy and majesty etc. I could hear her every once and awhile talking with the police officer telling her.. the voices stopped when we started singing the moment she got in there. (The first time they stopped in 6 months) I also heard her tell the officer.. you see that man standing over there... he's a pastor and the voices stopped because of him too. The police officer and nurses leave...Jonathan is just standing in the hall praying. All of that singing put Abigail fast asleep. It gets really quiet. I remembered then previously her pleading with the nurses to not let her be alone again. That's when I started to sing again. I began to sing Jesus loves me. I couldn't get through the whole song because I hear, "Sir? Sir!?" Jonathan turns around in the hall and realizes that voice is coming from the woman on the other side of the curtain. He turns around and smiles. She then says, "Do you talk to God?" The biggest smile comes over his face as he walks in relieved and says, "Why yes actually that is kind of what I like to do!" She begins asking questions about heaven, sharing more personal details of her story and back story. Jonathan shares hope, and encouragement with her and speaks life into her weary soul. Because I am not permitted to go in there right by her. I still got away with being right next to her with a curtain between us. Oh you don't know how badly I wanted to grab her hand and love on that precious woman! But Jonathan was there. And I got to peak through the curtain at her. She spotted me and said, "Hi!" I started to get choked up too at the work of God's grace. It was such a beautiful moment to be able to be used by God like that. And get to be a part of this big moment in her life. She just couldn't stop crying. But they were tears of relief. I peaked through between the tiny space in the curtain and couldn't help but smile. I have never felt such joy. I can't say I have ever felt more fulfilled in ministry. To make a long story shorter ( like it's short ) Jonathan made it clear to this precious woman that it was by no accident that we came into that ER for our daughter. She said that we changed her life forever... Jonathan quickly said, no that's what the power of God does in our lives. God loves you. And you are going to be okay. She looked him square in the eyes when he said that and she told him, "I'm gonna' be okay and your daughter is going to be okay too!" Jonathan led this woman to the Lord and she accepted Christ right then and there in that hospital room! As we all left I got to blow her a kiss and wave goodbye! She looked on and cried and smiled. Jonathan and I left that hospital room jumping up and down and rejoicing! We had revival in that emergency room today! PRAISE THE LORD! What a rewarding and productive and fulfilling day it has been! Thanks everyone who showed up and prayed! All I can say is... prayer works people! To God be the glory great things HE has done!!!

 Psalm 31:19
How abundant are the good things that you have stored up for those who fear you, that you bestow in the sight of all, on those who take refuge in you. 

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