Thursday, November 1, 2012


God's love is so magnificent. It just overwhelms me to think about it. Everyday that goes by to me feels like a miracle from God. When I look out my window and see the beautiful sunrise or when I listen closely and hear the gentle sound of the birds chirping before the day gets busy and the cars start whizzing by. It's a joy to find those little things in life. The little blessings in the mundane make life such a wonderful place.

I have a friend who is interested in taking pictures. It is here passion. Her goal is to one day work alongside missionaries and capture what they are doing in ministry all around the world. The Lord has blessed her with this wonderful gift! The pictures that she takes, speak to people and really touches the core of people's hearts. You may not think it to be true, but each and every one of us has that same gift. We don't need a camera to use it. 

Everyday we see beauty. Everywhere we go. We see it. We see it with the lens of our eyes. God's creation is breathtaking and beautiful! All it takes is a look around. Many of us now a days struggle with appreciating those little things in our everyday. Some of us would rather be on Facebook all day, or plop down on the couch with our iphone or ________ (fill in the blank). You know who you are! I'm one of them! 

Put away those devices, step away from the computer, open up your eyes and look around! Breath in deep the beauty of God's creation! And take the time to search for those little blessings in the mundane today. They are all around us and they are closer than you think. The way the sun beats down on your child's hair as she runs and plays around outside, the way the wind feels when it hits your skin, the warmth of a hug from your spouse, that fuzzy-all-over feeling you get when your child says, "I love you". 

Overwhelmed. That's how I feel when I realize the depth of God's love and thoughtfulness. The world's "things" have cluttered my view. But today, I choose to push through the noise and chaos of all things busy and search for that restful beauty, so I can adapt to the joys of experiencing the many blessings that come from precious simplicity. Oh how grateful I am Lord for this world your hands have made, forgive me for taking it for granted.

"The grass withers, the flower fades: but the word of our God shall stand forever."

Isaiah 40:8

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