Wednesday, September 19, 2012

I'm clueless!

Ha! I really thought I knew what Mothering was supposed to be all was I in for a hair pulling-chin-to-the-floor-heart-stopping-shocking-realization! I was WRONG!!!
Don't get me wrong, I haven't been a Mother to my daughter Elliana for that long BUT I do know some things. What it is I'm saying is... the more I learn the more I see how much I don't know! Now that Elliana is 61/2 months old, new changes are happening with her development. She's beginning to try to sit up more now, she DESPERATELY wants to crawl and take off, she's able to say, "Ma Ma", drinks water or juice out of a sippy cup, belly laughs (I mean REALLY belly laughs) at my silly faces, shes gets bored! And just wants to play with toys or read a book, eats big girl oatmeal with bananas, and is pretty soon going to be starting to eat meats, she's in second stage baby foods now, she is outgrowing all of her sleepers, she wears size four diapers; I mean the list of changes goes on and on without end! I don't know what it is about the 6 month mark but they seem to grow up all at once at this age! It comes with new challenges and responsibilities. It's endless! Why is it that right when you feel you've got it all the moment you realize you've really got it all wrong!? LOL. Trial and error I suppose...

Burping. Changing. Feeding. Clothing. Bathing. Playing. Mending. Teaching. Watching. Holding. Rocking. There's a LOT to it! But ya' know...for some odd reason even though the responsibilities of raising my child are growing- I feel immense joy knowing that my efforts as Mommy are paying off. We've all experienced it as Moms...we all make sure we don't walk into our children's pediatricians office wearing a button up because we all know those buttons are just gonna' pop right off when we hear our children's pediatricians praise us for all of our hard work and TLC we've poured into our baby over the past few months. I've got to say, those words of encouragement and reassurance REALLY takes the weight off my shoulders! And then I catch myself thinking...Hmm...maybe I'm not a total dunce after all! It really gives me the strength to persevere and to more confidently take on the coming months, and actually look forward to facing the new challenges ahead! :-)'s an adventure! But it's an adventure worth taking!

Cherish. Each. Moment. 
(No matter how crazy that moment might be!) ;-) 


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