Tuesday, July 24, 2012


Life is a journey that is meant to be enjoyed. Even though there can be hardships and struggles here in there -life is still worth living to me. Christ gives me reason to smile. God's hands have been very busy shaping my heart. I can feel it. He is molding it into what he desires. Sometimes it hurts. But just like with growing pains, it hurts but that just means there's growth! He is stretching my faith out and is keeping my head above water. Every now and again I feel like giving up and just slipping under but I know as long as I look up, I'll be OK.

It's all about attitude. I desire to be that one who looks at the glass half full instead of half empty. Who blesses instead of curses. Who builds up instead of tears down. The Lord is good at taking our circumstances in life and using them to open up our eyes. God has mine, and now it's like I see a whole new world. I felt Christ tug on my heart and He told me to step above the walls I was building around myself. Those walls once encased me and held me in it's prison. But now, by Christ- they have been brought down and have crumbled to the ground. What once was my prison, has now become my staircase to freedom.


If we just take a moment to step back and breath for a second it can change everything. I mean, sometimes all it takes to gain a better perspective is to look at the bigger picture, taking every circumstance and never looking at it without the backdrop of the Cross.

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