Friday, May 18, 2012


She's Here!!!

Elliana Rose has arrived! On March 10th 2012 at 4:40PM she entered the world!
7lbs. 81/2 ounces 20 inches long 100% angel!

First off, I would like to sy sorry to everyone who has been wanting to keep up with me lately. I have been in hiding lately but I'm back now! Life has been busy but I'm ready to try and start blogging again. And work on being more consistant! :) Which, I'm sure you all will appreciate.

Wow. Life has been so great! Elliana has totally brightend our world! She is growing like a weed ad everyday she learns something new!

It's time to go home!!! Hooray!

I will never forget that moment. The moment we buckled up our new little bundle into her pink and polka dotted car seat. It was a gorgeous day! When they placed me in a wheel chair and wheeled me out of that post partum room, at that moment...for the very first time...I FINALLY felt like we were really a family. It happened! I really gave birth and this was really MY little gift! I just remember feeling it all to be so unreal. We're going home!

My Husband, myself and little 5 day old Elliana!

We're a family! Giving birth is the most wonderful feeling on earth! I loved every minute and I am hoping and praying for more children in the future! Children are a blessing! I have heard that said so often but now I know why! We are crazy in love with our little girl!!!!

   I guess this is a little before and after :) Above is a photo of our after a few weeks of her being born. She was 6 weeks in this photo and now.......

Here she is!!! 2 1/2 months old and loving life! She is happy as a clam! She loves to play and is growing every day!

Happy belated Mothers day to all of you ladies ou there! God Bless!

untill the next update,


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