Sunday, May 20, 2012


     With the recent birth of our daughter, since then, have come a flood of many different emotions. If I'm honest, life has been beautiful chaos. There has been many ups and many downs yet, through it all because of God's abundant grace, I have been able to find the joy in the journey NOW. Sure, life is different and the past is the past. Life will never be the same. Life IS different yes, but not in a bad way. It's beautiful yet chaotic at times. But every minute is priceless and I am learning to enjoy this new journey now. I have come to appreciate  more, the little things in life like, the sunset in the evening or, the bird's song in the morning. My perspective I feel is changing dramatically and for the better. I know, those of you out there who have children or are expecting, especially those of you who are first time Mommies like myself can probably relate to what I'm talking about as far as new perspective goes. Children really do change you.

"Enjoy every single moment. The good, the bad, the beautiful, the ugly, the inspiring, the not-so-glamorous moments. And THANK GOD through it ALL."

-As a new Mommy and fairly new Pastor's wife, I have to constantly remind myself of this. I am determined to enjoy every single moment with my daughter. In the good -when she is happy and healthy, laughing and giggling and playing. In the bad -when she's sick or sad, is wailing for her paci. all day, or gets a dirty diaper right after I got the clean diaper on! (Hair-pull-out moment). In the beautiful -in the moments with my daughter that just make my heart swell with joy and tears stream down my face...holding her fragile frame close to me when she's crying for me to hold her and comforting her, or looking into her eyes and hearing that voice in my head that whispers gently, "She's beautiful". In the ugly -when I haven't showered in 3 weeks, or haven't gotten around to eating (It happens!) Or when I haven't slept for several days and exhausted beyond myself. In the inspiring -When my daughter is afraid and hurting and I am able to quickly console her with just a simple word, "It's Ok". Or when I sit back relaxing, and hand her to my Husband and O the way they look at each other...that's priceless. In the not-so-glamorous moments -When my Husband comes home from work and sees me slouched on the couch, with my hair in a messy bun, sweat dripping down my face, a boppy pillow around my waist and baby on my hip and folding laundry with the other hand, or when-I-haven't-taken-care-of-myself-at-all-and-just-want-to-sleep-in-bed-all-day-here's-the-baby-moments! (I know your out their ladies!). 

REGARDLESS - of the circumstances your in, in your journey to Motherhood please know, your NOT alone.

Enjoy Motherhood!
I challenge you in these moments, that you THANK GOD. Thank God for these trying times your in life (Mother or not). I encourage you to thank God in the good times, and to thank God in the bad times. He will reward you for your patience and faith in Him. Allow the Lord to work in your life. These crazy moments in our journeys are only meant to help and strengthen us. They are meant to stretch us in our faith and will help us to trust Christ more, and will give us patience -teaching us to be diligent in our tasks and to persevere and endure difficult and challenging times in our lives.

Children Change You! 
Welcome that change with open arms! And wait and see what God has for you!
Allow Christ to refine you. And lastly, NEVER. GIVE. UP.
I challenge you today to desire to grow better -not bitter.
To keep a positive outlook -always.
And to keep an attitude of gratitude. 
Life is too short to slump in self- pity -make the most of  every moment and enjoy it!
None of us are guaranteed another day so make the most of what the Lord has given you.
Have joy!
Walk with Christ!

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  1. Enjoy reading your comments on motherhood and "bringing up baby". I can SO
    identify! When I look back on my own experiences, it is well worth every good and bad moment. I thank God every day for my sweetheart of 45 years; my wonderful kids and kids-in-law; my 11 grandkids and 1 (and soon to be 2) great- grandkid. God is SO good!


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