Monday, May 28, 2012


My Husband Jon and I

Submission Is Easy Hard. . . It's something I really need to get better at! My Husband can tell me to do something and sure, yes, I will jump up -and be really quick to do it but that's not FULL submission. In order for me to fully submit to my Husband I would have to not only submit outwardly with my actions; I would also have to submit inwardly with my mind -Now THAT is where I struggle. If I could only get to the place where I can happily do something my Husband asks (and do it with joy and gladness) not only outwardly with my actions and words, but inwardly with my mind and it's thoughts. 
Today, Jon. asked me to get up and clean up the living room and dining room. I was on the couch sort of loafing I guess, not really wanting to do much -and that is where I wanted to stay. When he asked me to get up and start cleaning, without any hesitation I hopped right up and started at it! Submission? Eh..yes and no, because what was going on in my mind was a different story: "This is ridiculous I can not believe he is asking me to get up and clean when I just want to rest ugh...couldn't he see that? *Sigh* This really makes me mad." Submitting to your Husband with actions and words is one thing...but submitting to your Husband in your mind, takes a whole lot more self-discipline. It takes a willing heart, a pure heart and a loving and dedicated woman of God. 

You wake up with it. You walk around throughout the day, going about your daily activities with it. You put your head down at night and go to sleep with it. "It" is your attitude. Have you ever had those days where you just wanted to get away from yourself? I mean, really...have  you ever been SO annoyed at yourself to the point of madness that you actually wished you could step out of your own body and run away and hide from it? Well, for those of you who answered, "Yes" I've got some bad news -YOU CAN'T. You can't shed your skin and run away and hide from yourself.You are stuck in the body you were born with so you might as well learn to get along with yourself! You can't exchange yourself for a new 'self' BUT you can exchange your attitude with a new attitude. 

We are our own worst critic. I know that rings true for me. Nobody picks on me and agitates me more than myself! Ha! Attitude. Mine needs an exchange.

"Every man's way is right in his own eyes, But the LORD weighs the hearts." Proverbs 21:2

This verse really speaks to me. I can be going about my daily life thinking that my 'version' of "submission" if you will, is right. When really, it at times is far from what submission should really look like in a Christian life. Don't stray from the Word of God! It's all too easy to forget if we are not continually immersing ourselves in the teachings of Christ.

Christian wives: We need to exchange our negative attitudes with positive ones! We need a fresh new outlook and perspective! This old view of submitting to our Husbands doesn't always work why? Because it's OUR view. It's OUR perspective. We want to do things OUR way. No. Instead, we must choose to do things GOD'S way. We NEED God's perspective to show us EXACTLY what submission REALLY means in order to submit, and to submit effectively. Anything that we do in life -when looking through the lens of God's greater perspective, we can not go wrong. We must submit not only to our Husbands; we also must submit to the Lord and rely on Him to show us the right way, and guide us in His ways. Walking in God's ways will help us to submit outwardly and inwardly -genuinely and effectively.

"Wives, submit to your own husbands, as to the Lord." Ephesians 5:22

Our Husband's can't be Christ for us. They cannot fill every need and desire -only God can. There is a God-shaped whole in all of us, it's just the way it is. As wives we have to respect our Husbands and treat them with Honor; submitting FULLY outwardly and inwardly at all times. When you've had a long hard day and just want to rest, yes, even then when he asks you to get up and clean house, or mow the lawn or wash the car etc. whatever it may be, if it is Biblical- do it! Go the extra mile! If he asks you to wash a few dishes, wash them all! If he asks you to pick up house a little, clean it all! If he asks you to make something for dinner, (as tempting as it is) don't get lazy and just throw a cold pizza in the oven -cook Him a feast! He deserves honor! And He deserves respect! He wants to be loved by you in this way rather, He NEEDS to be. Don't hesitate. And in your service, be mindful of your thoughts as well. Make your thoughts bow in submission under the authority of your Husband. Take them captive and make them worship Christ and bring honor to Him as well. When we honor and respect our Husbands, we are honoring respecting our God. 

 -We don’t have to listen to our husbands. We don’t have to yield our will to theirs. We don’t have to follow Christ. God gave us free will. You always have a choice. Don’t let anyone convince you that “submitting” is taking away your choices or your freedoms. That’s a lie. And it doesn’t even make sense when you think about it. 

-It is so easy for mankind to turn this requirement for obedience into something personal and offensive, but its not. Submission really is about trusting God. Not your husband, not yourself: your God.
"An excellent wife is the crown of her husband, But she who shames him is like rottenness in his bones." Proverbs 12:4 
Do you want to be that beautiful shining crown atop your Husband's head that brings Him joy and good favor? 
. . .
Or, would you rather be that scum of a rottenness shut up inside him, -causing bitterness and hurt? You decide. But as for me, I want to bring honor and respect to my Husband and God. It's not always easy -but I choose to submit. I pray that you will jump on board with me, and work hard at bettering yourself for your Husband and family, and choosing to submit -with joy! We can either choose to be bitter or better.

The question is NOT:
"Am I going to submit to my husband?"
Rather it is, 
"Am I going to follow Christ?"



  1. You are not your husband's slave.

  2. Anonymous,

    Hello! Thanks for stopping by and taking the time to read this. As I said in my post-It is so easy for mankind to turn this requirement for obedience into something personal and offensive, but its not. Submission really is about trusting God. Not your husband, not yourself: your God. I am not a slave to my Husband rather, I am a SERVANT. I choose to serve Him out of obidience to Christ. It isn't easy but it's worth the joy I reap when I labor hard for the Lord to see my Husband smile. It's worth it to me.

  3. Tina - I did marriage my own way for about 15 years. I THOUGHT I was obeying God's Word for wives - but really, I was controlling, negative, critical, bossy, domineering, disrespectful, anxious, lonely, worried and frustrated. I put MY will, MY way, MY wisdom, MY feelings, MY wants, MY priorities and MYSELF above Christ in my life. It did NOT WORK well at all!

    I LOVE submitting to my husband! Which means - I cooperate with his God-given leadership. Learning to respect and submit to my husband in the past 4 years has brought me SO much joy - and has given me the marriage of my dreams.

    Now I seek God's will, His wisdom, His plans, His desires, His dreams and His glory. It does involve dying to self - which is painful! But that is part of having Christ as Lord. It is SO worth it!

    Thank you for your blog and for your beautiful description of biblical submission. Thank you for showing the world that we can be strong, decisive, beautiful, talented, amazing women AND obey God to have the power of His design at work in our marriages - and we will be blessed.

    Praying for God's greatest glory in your life and marriage!


    Hello April! Thanks for stopping by!! Thank you for your comments! And thank you for sharing a little bit about your background when it comes to this subject! It was very interesting to hear!


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