Saturday, October 4, 2014

Through The Eyes Of A Child

Photo credit: Random picture of a Father & Son.

So, I was just lying down yesterday morning sipping my cup of Maxwell house coffee pondering the Scriptures and meditating on the Lord while my 10 month old was playing happily on the floor with her toys. My eldest was napping so it was nice to have that chunk of time that the Lord gave me the opportunity to enjoy. I know though that I would not have seen the opportunity had I not decided to and chosen to be selfish with my time. I admit... there were other things that I had on my list of to-do's that I was wanting to do somewhat more than ponder Scripture for an hour, but i'm learning that time spent in the word of God is time well spent and never wasted.

I can hear the giggle and the excitable play chatter and clanking coming from my 10 month old at play while I lay and relax sipping my coffee, I would say open Bible in front of me but I was on my ipod that has the handy little Bible app on it there in front of me and a pencil and paper ready to hear from the Lord and learn something new. 

On my ipod there is a verse of the day that pops up. This time it was, "Isaiah 9:6". I took another sip of my coffee and I began to read, 

"For to us a child is born, to us a son is given, and the government shall be upon his shoulder, and his name shall be called, wonderful counselor, mighty God, Everlasting Father, Prince Of Peace." 

I observed from the this Scripture two pretty cool things. One being, Jesus has many names and he wears all the hats: He counsels me, he gives me strength, he is eternal, he is my peace, healer, love, hope, shelter, the list can go on for miles and miles and miles beyond that. The second very cool thing about this Scripture is that it is a prophecy that Isaiah gave 600 years before the birth of Christ! 

That gave me goosebumps. It wasn't just the caffeine in my coffee. 

Those observations really put into perspective for me the great majesty of God. It made me really realize that, "Wow... God is way bigger than I make Him out to be." I can safely say that I don't always trust the Lord as much as I should. As much as I must. Because I don't think I understand just how majestic he really is! This verse helps though. It gives me a glimpse into that picture of what his majesty really looks like and what it can look like in my life. 

Though things may seem uncertain in this world, (politically, financially, physically because of illness etc etc. fill in the blanks) and season...while we are walking through it we always have the option of being picked up by our wonderful counselor; our mighty God and placed up high upon his shoulders kept in his safety up away from the madness, yet walking in boldness with him as our guide. When a small child is walking along the ground there is more uncertainty that small child feels. More fear, more hesitancy, more challenges and obstacles that child faces. Everything on ground level can get a little bit too overwhelming sometimes. Sometimes, we just need the comfort of our Daddy's big strong arms to pick us up and carry us up on his shoulders so we can see what our Daddy sees. So we won't be so overwhelmed. When we are up on our Daddy's shoulders we see the world and all that is in it in a whole new way. Suddenly, things don't seem so big and scary anymore.

Just like a small child up on Daddy's arms we too can experience the same security, boldness, and new perspective we need to make it through. It is because of his majestic power -we can have the ability to see things differently. To see things, as he sees. We can achieve a brand new perspective by coming to him, climbing up on his big shoulders, trusting like a small child and believing that we can find our shelter in him riding on his shoulders in safety and boldness no matter the calamity below or uncertainty below. 

He can carry us through it. All of it. 

And give us the peace that we need so we can rest in his majesty. 

I have to ask myself the questions, "Am I relying fully on his power today? Am I trying to take the lead? Am I walking on ground level uncertain and intimidated? Am I walking in fear or riding on faith up on my Daddy's arms? 

I pray for myself and each one of you readers that, that boldness in our lives starts feeling natural and not un-natural. That boldness -to not doubt. I pray we are constantly reminded of his great majesty and wondrous works -even in the midst of calamity & life's woes. I pray that we take heed and choose this generous offer Christ gives us each day to be picked up by his strong hands and propped up atop his majestic shoulders to be carried through all of life's troubles. Believing, there we find safety and boldness every day. Even when the world feels big and intimidating, challenging, dark, dread and uncertain. I pray we have a daily urgency that rises up inside each of us to choose to ride on up on his shoulders every day. Never doubting the weight of his majesty and what that really means and looks like in comparison to our small fragile self. 

In every season, get up on his shoulders. And see the world the way it ought to be seen... 

Through the eyes of a child. 


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