Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Web. Reviews

It's out of control now a days! Every where you look there is some form of (HD Screen Display/Device) somewhere drawing our attention. We might as well call us the, "I" era because after all, it is all about us right? I mean we have the Ipad, the Iphone, the Imac, the Ipod, the Idog! Even!! I mean it is getting ridiculous if you ask me! Below are names of different websites and the good/bad that I see that comes out of them. I know what I'm about to say is highly controversial so, don't be surprised by the opposition I may face. I'll survive. 

The Bad: 
OK. So like with any social networking site it has it's ups and it has it's downs. Facebook has the ability to virtually connect you with anyone, any business, and thing really in the entire world. There are many features and improvements that happen on Facebook what appears to be about every week; if not every day. I have kept you waiting long enough I think, okay, so it's down to the nitty gritty. What do I find good and bad about Facebook? Let me begin by starting with: 

I understand that blocking is a good tool. I am grateful for blocking for the reason that, predators can be kept out, spammers can be gone for good, fake profiles can be shut out, etc. etc. This is what Facebook blocking is used for, effectively. The reason I find Facebook blocking un-useful otherwise is because, so many users abuse this useful tool. If one decides not to like someone anymore, they have the freedom to shut them out of there life; if one speaks there mind, the other observing this person may be offended by some unoffensive thing that was said and block them off the face of the earth never to be seen or heard again right? Wrong! Very wrong. You can block others on Facebook all you want with a click of a button, you can be in control of others feelings, lives, and really just about anyone you wish to. You can do that on Facebook! But let's be honest with ourselves; If real life was like Facebook (Yes, their really is a life apart from this website; those of you who "can't live without" Facebook). If, say, your Aunt came over and was visiting with the family over dinner and she made a remark about something you didn't like, would you find it easy to look up at her and angrily declare, "I cannot believe you said that! I am going to block you! For good!" Following that would be you taking a thick piece of duct tape, slapping in tight over her mouth, marking it with a clean, "X", and throwing her outside, locking the door behind you so you ensure that she never returns inside your personal space again. Really?? You may say, "Oh of course I would never do that! That is no way to handle problems! Everybody knows it's not easy to ignore them. You have to face them duh!." Hmm, okay, then why is Facebook any different? It may be you in the comfort of your own home and a computer screen at first glance; but when you log on, you have to remember, it's like your walking into a room full with the people you are interacting with. These people you see online are more than tiny clumps of colorful pigmented matter on a computer screen. It goes beyond that. Remember, these people have real feelings, real emotions, real hurts, real lives. Your messing with a lot more then a monitor. And it hurts. When you block someone on Facebook for an ill reason, believe it or not it makes the person on the other side feel just as low as "your Aunt" getting locked outside and unable to speak. Everyone should be able to feel as though they can speak their mind without getting shot down or rejected. If you wouldn't do it in real life, then don't do it on Facebook. Remember, Facebook IS real life! And you have the power to change your whole relationship with someone, in a good way or in a bad way. The people on the other end of that click of the mouse or that tap of the finger are being deeply effected by your decision making. Be careful what you choose to do and say. "Then Peter opened his mouth, and said, Of a truth I perceive that God is no respecter of persons:"  (Acts 10:34) 

...Now as for...
The Good:

It's Free!
The popular network allows you to connect with family members and friends virtually anywhere and anytime. I LOVE that I am able to chat, comment, message post, video chat you name it! There are a billion different ways to connect with your friends and family that make you feel like you are right their with them and the best part is, it's all 100% FREE to do so. That's really all I have to say about Facebook. 

...Now on to... 
The Bad: 


Myspace. Everywhere I turn on Myspace I see some risque image or over the top graphic that would make a puppy blush. It is disturbing and distasteful to say the very least. I cancelled my Myspace because of this reason. Not only that, but I don't know if you noticed but it appeared to me that because of this openness Myspace exudes when it comes to profanity; it seems to me that it has helped attract more predators to the site. I spent most of my time on Myspace when I was in middle school and unforgettably witnessed many cases of online predator attacks at one point and time I was a victim. It's a a very scary and dangerous place to be. I wouldn't recommend Myspace to anyone. Now this isn't to say that Facebook isn't any better, there are predators and some profanity on Facebook as well; the difference is it can be monitored. The user has the option to view it or not where as Myspace --it's just blatant in your face yucky stuff. Don't go on Myspace, it's a waste of time. 

The Good: 

Hmm... honestly, I've got nothing. 

...Moving on to...

The Bad: 

It doesn't make sense!!! (At least, not to me anyway). It;s like Twitter is trying to be Facebook combined with Myspace and just AINT' gonna' work! I mean really? I signed up once, made an account, tweeted a couple tweets and bam I felt instantly cool. Then after about doing that 10 more times and changing my background I was BORED. Sorry Twitter but I have disowned you because you are nothing more than a website that doesn't make sense and that is all you will ever be to me. Now you may say, "Hey! Don't knock Twitter just because you can't figure it out! Maybe if you figured it out you would learn to appreciate it more..." Oh please. Ha! No, probably not. Sorry guys, Twitter just isn't my thing. Even if I DID learn how to maneuver the puppy I just think I would faint from the lack of brain cells I would be producing when viewing the tweets of people's mindless opinions and rants, (oh, no wait, that's Facebook.). 

The Good:

I know, I could of had you fooled but I am not TOTALLY deadest against Twitter... I do like that fluffy little bird. :-) 

...Next up is... 
The Bad: 

Well, if you know anything about Instagram you know pictures. But not just any pictures: retro "hipster chic" (ew) photographs are taken by the one and only you! You can share them with the world! And this is where I dislike the website. Let me break it down for you: I take a picture. I post the picture of my kid. It gets "Loved" by some random person. I don't know that someone. I get creeped out wondering how they even viewed it. I don't know them. Begin to feel awkward all over. Have a mini-heart attack and ka-bam! My thumbs are sliding around fast trying to look for the "Block" button. (Yes Instagram has a block button just like Facebook). Excuse me, may I take the time to interject here right quick? Have you noticed that Facebook was the first website that I chose to review and it is the website that has been brought up over and over again in some way as I am trying to share about these others? Hee hee... I think Facebook (there it goes again) is quite honestly the "role model" so to speak for EVERY other networking site out there. Ok, so, my advice to you Instagram -- Be yourself! Create better privacy settings for your users! And stop trying to be like... Facebook... .  . . 

The Good:

EVERY picture you take looks GLAMOROUS! I mean for crying out loud on the snow capped mountains of persia! (Does it even snow in Persia?) Um, uh, anyway --they are incredible! You seriously could take a picture of the moldy cheese you found on the bottom of the fridge or the gum stuck flat on a city street and make it look stunning! Props to you Instagram for turning all of my boring photos into retro pieces of pop art! I call for a name change! InstaGLAM anyone? Anyone? Bular.
...Oh and finally of course I almost forgot... 
...the ever so famous... 

The Bad: 
Honestly? I couldn't. I wouldn't! Google is my teacher. 

The Good:
I just had a baby nearly 10 months ago and I am STILL sporting Mommy weight. I would much rather Google how to diet than diet! This website is the mother of all websites. Google holds more information than my brain. It is a remarkable place on the web where your questions can be answered, you apprehensions can be reassured, your sick dog can be cured and your Grandma can be entertained. Ya' Gotta' love Google. Who doesn't? 

Well this wraps up my website reviews. If you found this interesting let me know! And feel free to leave me a comment below and maybe throw in your two sense  It would be interesting to hear YOUR take on these popular and growing sites on the web! 


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