Sunday, October 21, 2012


Around the world and back again the space tremor roars. I fly to and fro until I cannot travel anymore. My stomach is filling with velocity as the stars do favorably shine. I must take one more journey abroad to see the planets align. It's everywhere through every sector this upper world and all it's splendor the vapor for which I am here will no longer keep me from shedding tears for, it is a memorable journey but not always an easy one to take. It is full up misunderstanding and every now and again, heartbreak. However, I must press oh above the sky to reach my goal and continue to fly through the matter and the sea's storms above the earth above the norm.

My journey may be long but it's worth every passing star, when I look out my window of thought I can see the billows of smoke echoing high above the land. I carve a heart shaped circle in front of the desolate matter. I in-bed it deep inside the rock for all to behold but what then? What much more then will my eyes behold? Only the eyes of the one in carving can measure up to what's been starting in this tale of old! Soaring high above, I escape the gentle thunder where the Lilly bird dances and the rains asunder. My eyes can only be filled with so much beauty before my knees turn weak and my heart groans, "Weary." Believe me when I tell you this, that my heart has succumb to this, and state of mere being above the earths's feeling -it's ever so real.

Now then, I venture back to my starting corner and land right over the parables of midnight. They share of the tales of puppy dog tales and worms of the catastrophic Galileo. It has been said that boys aren't men when they are unable to put aside their manly pride and wear that which smells of incense. It isn't for everyone and surely not for me, for I see life through a different tree. Forgive me, it is I that meant to make that deliquescent statement about the hurt and pain of fragmented philosophy shifting gears only to see the beauty within my mind and soul so free. Have I lost you then? Well good, what then? You are only to take your imaginations rake and piece together these thoughts of mine. I have arrived through space in time from the journey to the star. Around and around I have traveled afar. Around the world and back again.


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