Saturday, January 7, 2012

God's Good!

Okay so I know this is really random but I wanted to start off this post by sharing with you this adorable photo! LOL. This is a photo of my Husband when he was a little one. Just chillen, playing with his legos. :) (Just thought I'd share!) ANYWHO...

SO...I've been thinking that it is really getting closer to Elli's arrival. AND, I feel like big time nesting insticts taking over. I was told because of that, that I should be having that bag near by. :) So true. I am 30 weeks and some odd days, I will be 31 weeks this Monday. :) YAY! Next Dr.'s appointment is this Friday I believe. So I am really excited to hear her heartbeat again, and get updates on what's going on. 
We really couldn't be more thrilled! We have recently discovered that when my Husband puts his ear up against my belly he can actually hear her heartbeat! And hear her move. :) Oh he is such a proud Daddy! I love Him so much. 

God is so amazing.!
He has really been shifting around our life quite a bit but it's all for the best and it's all so exciting! :) I never would have imagined becoming a Mommy so young. I thought it could happen but didn't know it would happen this soon! Everything seems to be happening really fast. We just got to keep on trusting God and keeping on trucking! :)  Praise goes to God He is so worthy of it all. :) 

Happy Blogging! -Tina 

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  1. I LOVE to read your blogs. Keeps me up with my grandchildren and their lives


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